YouTube tests new artificial intelligence tool


YouTube tests new artificial intelligence tool
YouTube tests new artificial intelligence tool

YouTube is expanding its experiments with artificial intelligence (AI), recognizing that the tool may not be perfect but valuing user feedback.

“This feature set is experimental, and we may not always achieve the desired results. That’s why we’re starting small and taking advantage of limited availability to gather feedback,” the statement reads.

YouTube gradually rolls out AI tools

According to a recent announcement, YouTube plans to slowly roll out artificial intelligence (AI) testing tools to some users over the next few months:

“Since these tests are small, you may not see them right away! If you are a Premium member, you may be eligible to test these items.”

This artificial intelligence tool will Parts classification Convert long video comments into “easily digestible” topics. This will give users who previously only had limited comment sorting options on YouTube more control over what appears in the comments section.

Users will be able to selectively delete specific topics:

“If a content creator wants to delete any comment thread, they can delete the single comment that appears under that specific thread.”

Artificial intelligence tools enhance online security

OpenAI’s new tools empower content creators around the world. The tool scans and removes blocked words and users, freeing content creators from dealing with unnecessary comments and maintaining a positive experience for their audience.

Additionally, the tool allows users to query information about the videos they are watching. This will help improve the accuracy of video suggestions through artificial intelligence.

At the same time, academic films will look different. Students using video learning can use artificial intelligence tools to ask questions and get answers to deepen their understanding.

OpenAI announced the task under development at a recent conference.

As reported on November 7, OpenAI launched GPT-4 Turbo, which has four times the contextual visibility of the previous version of ChatGPT.

OpenAI also announced that users can easily create their own chatbots without programming skills.

This enables users to personalize their AI interactions based on their daily lives or professional work.

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