VPBank shareholders will receive 10% cash dividend in coming days, according to Vietstock


VPBank shareholders will receive a 10% cash dividend in the coming days

Vietstock – VPBank (HM:) shareholders will receive a 10% cash dividend in the coming days

VPBank shareholders will receive cash dividends for the first time in the coming days at a rate of 10%, equivalent to VND 1,000/share, and are expected to receive cash dividends for five consecutive years based on sustainable growth. Banks are implementing it.

Dividends coming

Cash dividend information is submitted to the board of directors again vice president bank confirmed to investors during its recent third-quarter business results update. Accordingly, the last registration date for cash dividends is November 10, 2023, and the estimated dividend time is November 20, 2023.

This will be our first cash dividend vice president bank in the past 10 years.While the plan has been approved by the board, the information may not be too surprising to many of the bank’s shareholders vice president bank The April shareholders’ meeting announced that starting from 2023, vice president bank It is expected to distribute cash dividends from the bank’s after-tax profits for five consecutive years, while ensuring funds for business activities and growth in accordance with the annual plan.

Representatives said existing base, resources increased after agreeing to sell capital to Japanese investors vice president bankwill help enhance the bank’s sustainable growth capabilities and thereby achieve its commitment to pay cash dividends to shareholders.

The upcoming cash dividend is expected to be distributed in advance in the first half of the year to satisfy shareholders’ desire to receive annual dividends.

This past October, vice president bank The private placement of 15% of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation’s (SMBC) shares has been officially completed, and Japan’s second largest bank is welcome to become a strategic investor to accompany the bank’s development journey.

The total private placement value of SMBC exceeded VND35.9 trillion (equivalent to nearly 1.5 billion dollars), helping to increase equity vice president bank to approximately VND140 trillion. According to calculations by the international credit rating agency Moody’s, the bank’s capital adequacy ratio (CAR) will increase to nearly 19%, taking the lead among Vietnamese banks evaluated by the agency.

The funds injected into this account will help replenish medium- and long-term capital and serve the bank’s near-term lending activities.In addition, the bank will spend resources to continue investing in infrastructure and technology platforms – including AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning (machine learning) – to create competitive advantages and improve business efficiency vice president bank in the present and the future.

high quality growth

vice president bank Having set sustainable growth targets for the five-year period 2022-2026, the bank has been implementing high-quality and selective lending activities to minimize risks and maintain asset quality.

The parent bank’s credit growth in the third quarter increased by more than 22% from the beginning of the year, reaching more than 488 trillion VND. Among them, credit growth in the field of personal customers increased by 19% from the beginning of the year, reaching more than 232 trillion VND.

These growth rates are many times higher than the industry average credit growth rate of 6.9% at the end of September. However, according to bank representatives, loan growth in this sector, while higher than the industry average, is still impressive. This is lower than the growth rate of more than 30% in previous years. This slow growth stems from the bank’s leadership’s clear understanding of selective credit growth orientation and quality priority since the beginning of the year, in the context of many macroeconomic difficulties and challenges.

“In the first nine months of this year, we prioritized the development of a number of products with relatively stable risk levels to create sustainable growth. Specifically, in the field of housing loans, we focused on second-hand housing loans (growth rate 25%), production and operation loans – —Focus on loans to production and business households (growth rate 22%), unsecured loans, vice president bank Consumer income from credit cards and issued cards continued to rank first, and outstanding credit card debt increased by 19%.” said a representative of the bank.

The two major segments of personal customers and small and medium-sized enterprises each contributed nearly 60% of the bank’s total outstanding loans in the third quarter.

In order to maintain a healthy balance sheet, the parent bank vice president bank Mobilization volume in the third quarter maintained a steady growth momentum, reaching nearly 462 trillion VND, an increase of nearly 35% from the beginning of the year and 5.9% higher than the industry average.

At the same time, the bank’s demand deposits (CASA), a low-cost source of funds, grew by more than 22% from the beginning of the year, driving the proportion of CASA in the mobilized capital structure to 17%. vice president bankhelping banks optimize capital costs.

To minimize capital costs in the medium to long term, vice president bank We will continue to explore long-term and reasonably-cost sources of foreign capital to meet the loan needs of production and operations, especially green projects and women’s projects.

300 bilateral loan One million U.S. dollarswith a term of 7 years, of which vice president bank The agreement just signed with the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) during the U.S. President’s official visit to Vietnam in early September is one example.The success of this investment not only affirmed the company’s reputation vice president bank On the international stage, it also helps banks ensure that short-term capital ratios for long-term loans comply with national bank regulations. The ratio reached 26.6% at the end of September, below the required threshold of 34%.


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