Unparalleled resiliency in digital paradise


Bitcoin and Ethereum have clearly surpassed gold this year, subverting the traditional concept of securities in the market.

Bitcoin prices have surged, with its value increasing by 93% compared to gold. ETH is not far behind with a strong gain of 39% against the precious metal.

The performance of top coins, especially in an era of global instability, sends a strong signal to traditional investors about the changing storage landscape and the potential of digital products for assets.

Unparalleled resiliency in digital paradise

When considering the trajectory of Bitcoin and Ethereum, we have to acknowledge how far they have grown, especially compared to established benchmarks like gold.

In recent weeks alone, Bitcoin has gained more than 30%. This is partly due to expectations that the Bitcoin ETF application will await approval from the U.S. SEC.


BTC Price Chart 1 Day | Source: Tradingview

This bullish sentiment has spread across digital assets, contrasting with slow growth and sometimes sharp declines in commodities, stocks and bonds.

Bitcoin’s bull run is not alone, Ethereum is also included, albeit at a different pace. However, it should be noted that the value of ETH has been declining over a considerable period of time (over 470 days and counting) compared to Bitcoin.

The ETH/BTC ratio repeated its pattern from mid-2022, hitting the 0.052 mark again. As a result, Bitcoin continues to maintain its leadership position in the cryptocurrency space.

investor confidence

Turning to the price action of ETH, we see that ETH is currently trading at $1,884, which is 20% higher than the actual price.

This actual price reflects the average cost basis of all tokens based on the last transaction, indicating that ETH holders are profitable, albeit modest.

While bull market optimism still echoes in the distance, this is a positive note in the symphony of market dynamics. The rise and fall of investor sentiment can also be measured by the MVRV ratio, which measures current prices relative to actual prices.

A comparative analysis of the MVRV ratio against its 180-day moving average (MA) will test market momentum. While Ethereum has performed well so far this year, this metric suggests that the market is still emerging from the stagnation of last year’s price decline.

Altseason enthusiasm and Bitcoin’s impact

Expanding the perspective to the broader altcoin market, valuations increased significantly by 21.3%.

This fundamental wave in the altcoin market highlights the knock-on effect, with increasing Bitcoin dominance often causing altcoin valuations to surge.

However, this growth has been overshadowed by the growing dominance of Bitcoin, which now accounts for more than 51% of the digital asset’s market capitalization. Bitcoin’s outperformance has been steadily increasing since the cyclical low of 38% in late 2022.

When comparing Bitcoin’s year-to-date gains to those of the altcoin market, it reveals a compelling story: Bitcoin’s market capitalization has grown a whopping 110%, completely outpacing altcoins despite the laudable gains. The increase was relatively low at 37%.

This paints a nuanced market picture: altcoins are beating out fiat currencies and traditional assets like gold, but are still being overshadowed by Bitcoin.

Views on market dynamics

In 2023, the digital asset industry has undoubtedly entered an upward trajectory, with Bitcoin and ETH leading the market through difficulties with extraordinary resilience.

This newfound strong performance demonstrates the solid foundation of investor support and positive investment flows.

Based on growing altcoin indicators and positive market sentiment, the altcoin market is seeing significant valuation gains for the first time since the peak of the previous cycle. However, it is important to place this performance within the digital asset ecosystem.

With its unrelenting strength, Bitcoin continues to rise, having a clear impact on the altcoin industry and demonstrating that despite the dynamism of altcoin gains, altcoin gains have largely lagged behind Bitcoin’s meteoric rise.

In light of these developments, it is becoming increasingly clear that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not only outperforming traditional safe-haven assets such as gold, but are reshaping the structure of investment strategies and dominating markets in the digital age.

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