Top 5 DAO Vaults in 2023


Many different areas of the cryptocurrency world have been affected by the long winter, but decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have proven to be on the rise. Essentially, a DAO is a digital governance model coordinated by smart coins, with decisions recorded on the blockchain. 179 DAO platforms manage over $1 million in assets, here is an overview of the calculations for the top 5 DAOs by 2023.

On April 15, 2022, the DAO ecosystem was valued at $10.8 billion. As of today, the total fair value of the DAO has increased significantly to $18 billion. This evolution will continue in 2022 as the top DAOs have different components. Uniswap and Bitdao (later renamed Mantle) topped the list. However, momentum has shifted, with three other contenders in the top 5 – Uxd Protocol, Mango DAO, and Lido DAO – falling down the rankings.


Arbitrum DAO has the largest treasury among DAOs, leveraging a community-based governance model powered by the Arbitrum (ARB) token. The DAO is tightly connected to Arbitrum, the Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) scaling network. In addition to administrators, Arbitrum DAO operates a comprehensive banking and security coin system to increase operational efficiency. Currently, its vaults hold $3.4 billion worth of various assets, including ARB and various stablecoins.

optimistic collective

While most DAOs primarily hold native tokens, a significant number have diversified into stablecoin crypto-assets. The DAO’s second largest assets under management (AUM) is related to the L2 Optimism protocol extension. Optimism Collective’s treasury holds $3.1 billion in various assets, including OP, the DAO’s native asset for digital governance. Optimism’s DAO governance configuration is uniquely shared by two entities: Citizens’ House and Token House.


Arbitrum and Optimism optimize their respective networks for their respective budget operations, while Mantle (formerly Bitdao), the third largest DAO, manages $2 billion in AUM through the Mantle network. Mantle was first launched in August 2021 and transitioned from Bitdao to Mantle following a governance vote on May 19, 2023.

Uniswap DAO

Ranked fourth in 2023 is Uniswap DAO, whose treasury holdings are currently worth $1.7 billion. Uniswap DAO is associated with the Uniswap decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol and manages a vault that includes its native token UNI, as well as various tokens linked to fiat currencies. The governance of the organization is done through the UNI token, which entrusts the DAO to make decisions and edit Uniswap Dex.

Gnosis DAO

Gnosis DAO will occupy the fifth largest DAO position in 2023. The organization specializes in building infrastructure to permanently build out the Ethereum ecosystem, playing the role of a game, and then trying to develop products like Gnosis Safe, Cow Protocol, and Zodiac as standards for creating decentralized applications (dApps) on Ethereum. and tools. Gnosis. Gnosis DAO’s treasury manages $813 million worth of AUM assets, including GNO, ETH, etc. Different stablecoins.

Additionally, the top 5 DAOs are ranked by financial size, with the next 5 DAOs among the top 10 having assets under management ranging from $200 million to $800 million. Today, the DAO landscape is quite active, with more than 8 million Governance token holders and 2.8 million entities actively participate in voting and creating proposals. Shockingly, the total value of the current 5-line DAO is approximately 73.33 times that of the DAO in 2016, which was worth $150 million.

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