This Fashionable Water Proof Gown

SMS Isolation Gown - A Review of This Fashionable Water Proof Gown

Medline single-use SMS isolation gown is specially designed to prevent liquids from seeping into the garment, especially under high or medium-pressure situations. This gown is both comfortable and breathable thanks to the SMS material incorporated in the dress. The lightweight SMS material used is also suitable for total protection during processes with low risks of direct exposure to biodegradable fluids, yet still without sacrificing your employees' s comfort. Since it is a one-piece dress, the garments can be disassembled and used by multiple people.


This dress features a polyethylene tank that is composed of a textured, mesh back that stretches and flattens at the waist, giving your employees a slimming look. The stretchable mesh material extends over the shoulders to accommodate the entire weight of the dress. This provides the wearer with a slimming appearance. It also comes with a buckle at the waist that can be used as a belt.

Another feature of the SMS Isolation Gown, which makes this item ideal for industries requiring employee protection in environments where there is no guarantee of personal hygiene, is the waterproof nature of its fabric. The fabric is completely waterproof, even when full with fabric layers. However, this feature will only last up to a certain point. The body of the dress will start to absorb water which will cause it to shrink if left unchecked.


In addition, the SMS Isolation Gown can be worn and then just threw away. It can withstand any moisture because of its waterproof properties. There are some situations, however, where it may not be suitable. For instance, it cannot be worn during the summer or during high heat. In addition, it does not make a good cover-up. If you need to hide the dress while transporting it to the plant, this is not a good choice.


The fabric of the SMS Isolation Gown consists of microfiber that is highly absorbent. These microfiber threads are tightly knotted so they cannot be pulled. Because of the tight knotted structure, the fibers of the dress are able to stay in place and are therefore better protected than regular microfiber threads.


However, it has been found that the SMS Isolation Gown can absorb up to 40% of its own weight in water. This absorption may go unnoticed by those who do not have very sensitive skin. However, it is a health hazard in case it gets wet on its own. So, you should purchase a gown that is water proof and will not absorb its own weight in water. Choose a professional manufacturer that offers guarantees on all of its products.

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