The United States is conducting an anti-dumping investigation into aluminum products imported from Vietnam, according to Vietstock


U.S. launches anti-dumping investigation into aluminum products imported from Vietnam

Vietstock – The United States is launching an anti-dumping investigation into aluminum imports from Vietnam

According to the assessment of the Trade Protection Bureau, the alleged dumping margin of Vietnam’s extruded aluminum products and aluminum products exported to the United States is 41.84%.

The United States has officially launched an anti-dumping investigation into Vietnam’s imports of aluminum profiles and aluminum products. (Photo: PV/Vietnam+)

The Trade Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Trade stated that on October 24, the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) officially launched an anti-dumping investigation into imported aluminum profiles and aluminum products originating from 15 countries/regions including Vietnam.

The plaintiffs are Alcoa, steel, paper, forestry, rubber, industrial, energy, and industrial and service unions. The plaintiff stated that according to U.S. customs data, Vietnam accounted for approximately 7.6% of all countries’ exports to the country in 2022, ranking fourth among exporting countries and the largest export volume to the United States, second only to Mexico, Colombia and China (respectively Accounting for 12.9%, 10.2% and 9.1%).

The export companies accused of dumping involve about 14 Vietnamese companies as plaintiffs. In addition to these 14 companies, there are other companies that also export the products under investigation to the United States. The alleged dumping margin of Vietnam is 41.84% (the alleged dumping margin of 15 countries/regions is 25.89%-376.85%), which is lower than the alleged level of Vietnam’s three most competitive exporting countries in the US market.

Because the United States considers Vietnam to be a non-market economy country, document Proxy values ​​for third countries will be used to calculate Vietnam’s dumping margin.

In this case, considering that Indonesia’s economic development level is similar to that of Vietnam and it has a considerable number of manufacturers of aluminum profiles and other aluminum products, the plaintiff suggested Indonesia as an alternative country.The reason for substitution of countries is document Released for Vietnam). The dumping investigation period starts from April 1, 2023 and ends on September 30, 2023.

Regarding the investigation process, document A volume and value questionnaire was issued to Vietnamese businesses.The deadline for responses is November 7, 2023 U.S. time (businesses can request document Extensions are allowed if necessary).

Based on the response information combined with U.S. customs data, document Mandatory defendants for the case are selected (usually 2-3 companies). These defendants will continue to participate in answering follow-up questionnaires in this case and will receive separate tax rates.

Companies that are not selected can register for separate tax rates. The period for applying for a separate tax rate is within 30 days from the date of filing.If separate rates are not accepted, these companies will pay the national rate document OK (usually higher).

The Ministry of Industry and Trade recommends that companies proactively study and understand the regulations, orders and procedures of US anti-dumping investigations. (Photo: VNA)

Additionally, both parties have 30 days to comment on the alternative country document A preliminary conclusion of the case was issued. expected, document Preliminary conclusions will be issued within 140 days of the start of the case investigation (can be extended).

Faced with the above problems, the Trade Protection Bureau recommends that the association continue to notify companies that produce and export the accused products to respond to the lawsuit and handle the case. For companies that produce and export related products, it is necessary to continue to pay close attention to the progress of the case; actively study and master the regulations, order and procedures of US anti-dumping investigations to diversify the market and export products.

At the same time, we fully cooperate with document throughout the incident. Any behavior that shows non-cooperation or insufficient cooperation may lead to the U.S. investigative agency using existing evidence against the company, or imposing the highest anti-dumping duties on the company. At the same time, take the initiative to register an IA ACCESS account via email.information portal document ( Update information and submit relevant documents and materials to U.S. investigative agencies.

“Units need to regularly coordinate and update information with the Trade Defense Bureau to receive timely support,” representatives from the agency further advised.

Duc Duy (Vietnam+)


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