Securities industry booming, SSC proposes additional identification codes reports

Number of equity sectors surges, SSC recommends additional identification codes

The phrase “as recommended” appears frequently throughout the stock group whenever the market moves wildly. At the end of 2021, the Vietnamese stock market exploded, everyone invested, and “experts” sprung up like mushrooms after rain. Representatives of the China Securities Regulatory Commission also stated that they have sent letters to securities companies to remind and rectify the behavior of securities practitioners.

At the same time, you are not allowed to participate in online forums or groups (except forums or groups approved by securities companies) as a company representative to recommend or induce investors to buy or sell securities.

Regarding solutions, the China Securities Regulatory Commission stated that it will increase the management and supervision of the activities of practitioners. At the same time, our bureau is revising the “Notice on the Management and Supervision of Practitioners”.

Accordingly, the telephone numbers of securities practitioners will be assigned identification codes and published so that investors can promptly report violations to regulatory agencies when they discover violations.

HOSE is about to welcome new recruits, and the market price is expected to be 58% higher than the IPO level.

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