Ripple has 99.9% chance of winning $20 million settlement


The recent lawsuit against Ripple has attracted attention as pro-XRP lawyer Deaton dismissed the idea that the lawsuit had a 50/50 outcome. The company claims that Ripple has an approval rating of nearly 90/10 compared to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).


Additionally, the crypto community is discussing whether Ripple will accept the settlement terms and pay a $130,000 fine. However, market experts say the chances of success in the negotiations are very high.

G20 million settlement Dollar Ripple Labs

Renowned cryptocurrency lawyer John Deaton explains his insights into Ripple’s lawsuit with the SEC and mentions some noteworthy details in favor of the company. He argued that if a settlement were reached, a total figure of $20 million or less would reflect a legal victory for the company.

In an X (formerly Twitter) post, Deaton explained that his strong comments were originally made by Ripple Labs Chief Legal Officer Stuart Alderoty.stewart is emphasize Another failure for the cryptocurrency company.

“Another setback for the SEC this week — and the trend continues. The court held that the SEC cannot seek penalties without first proving that “investors” suffered actual financial losses. In other words In other words, no harm, no foul.”

Deaton emphasize It believes this is consistent with the $20 million settlement. This will be very beneficial for Ripple to defeat regulators. In light of these proceedings, the company also considered a broader regulatory assessment and ramifications of the XRP litigation in the settlement.

According to the lawyer’s Nov. 4 post:

“Those who think the SEC is winning 50-50 in the Ripple case are wrong. Like 90:10 in favor of Ripple. If Ripple ends up paying $20 million or less, then that’s a 99.9% legal victory.”

Stuart Alderoty, on the other hand, published the story of the XRP case from his own perspective. He stressed that the SEC suffered another setback this week, adding to its tally of failures. Such failures include the ruling in the Govil – SEC case, in which a U.S. appeals court ruled against the regulator.

The ruling determined that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) cannot seek penalties without proving actual financial losses suffered by XRP investors. This means there can be no damage, no mistakes can be made, and no penalties if no damage is done to investors’ funds.

ripple win SEC to help resolve sale disputes Give organize

Legal analyst Jeremy Hogan said that one of the key factors supporting Ripple’s liability would be whether XRP investors suffered any monetary losses. According to his analysis, if XRP investors purchased the token at a lower price, Ripple could avoid any claims for financial losses.

Furthermore, this explanation puts the SEC in a weak position as the company will evade liability, meaning Ripple Labs is on the way to a favorable settlement.

However, the crypto community is mainly concerned about the SEC’s penalties against Ripple. According to comments related to the case, Yassin Mobarak highlighted the SEC’s inability to enforce the $770 million fine imposed on institutional sales.

Furthermore, this may be an unforeseen development but is also beneficial for Ripple Labs as XRP investors will not be significantly affected.

sIncidents in legal battles

The legal battle began in 2020 when the SEC filed a lawsuit against Ripple, accusing the company of selling unregistered XRP as a security.

However, Judge Analisa Torres ruled that XRP assets are not considered securities if sold on the secondary market. Additionally, there were positive developments as charges against the operator were dropped.

Judge Torres recently granted an order related to the SEC’s lawsuit against Ripple, which requested periodic briefings on the final proceedings of the case. This also includes the sale of XRP tokens to the institution.

Additionally, in a lawsuit alleging that the company violated securities laws, Torres directed both parties to provide a joint briefing on Nov. 9 following the trial.

Additionally, these developments raise questions about whether exchanges are open for settlement, including institutional sales. It would also increase the chances of success in fighting regulators to declare another victory. The company may also try to prove that authorities cannot provide enough evidence to successfully bring charges.

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