Research Lowers Ethereum Price Expectations for Next 7 Years


Cryptocurrency experts have lowered their predictions for Ethereum (ETH) in the coming years, according to a new report opinion poll From Finder.

The survey asked 31 industry experts for their Ethereum price predictions by the end of 2023, 2025, and 2030. The average forecast is down compared to a Finder survey conducted in July 2022.

The group predicts that Ethereum will be worth $1,840 on average by the end of 2023, down from its July prediction of $2,451. The 2025 forecast dropped to $5,824 from $5,845 previously, and the 2030 forecast dropped to $14,411 from $16,414 in the previous survey.

Finder calculates the average prediction by removing the top and bottom 10% of responses and averaging the remainder, a technique called truncated averaging. The goal is to eliminate outliers and achieve a more consistent consensus.

While still bullish on the long-term outlook, some panelists cited recent economic challenges and competition from other blockchains as reasons for weakening short-term expectations.

ETH has huge growth potential. (…) Growth is (currently) limited by TradFi’s high fees. If US authorities achieve a soft landing, the price of ETH will rise significantly, but not until the middle of next year.

Ruslan Lienkha, Head of Marketing at YouHodler

Others pointed to Bitcoin’s halving historical price patterns. “Historically, when we approach Bitcoin’s halving, Ethereum tends to revisit price valuations from earlier in the year,” explained Pav Hundal of cryptocurrency exchange Swyftx.

The group predicts that ETH could climb to $2,800 but also fall to $1,200 or lower by the end of 2023. Nearly half believe it will end 2023 at a price between $1,751 and $2,000.

Most experts say now is a good time to hold or buy Ethereum, but about 17% believe Ethereum is currently overvalued. When asked if and when ETH’s total market capitalization would surpass Bitcoin’s, 43% of the panelists said they did not expect this to happen. But about 20% think a “flip” – where Ethereum’s market capitalization exceeds that of Bitcoin – could happen in 2030.

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