NIST and Commerce Department form AI Security Institute Alliance

NIST and Commerce Department form AI Security Institute Alliance
NIST and Commerce Department form AI Security Institute Alliance

National Institute of Standards and Technology (National Institute of Standards and Technology)National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the Department of Commerce are actively seeking participants for their newly formed Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security Institute Alliance.

The association aims to improve the safety and reliability of artificial intelligence systems and invites interested parties to participate in this important work.

In the latest announcement released on November 2, NIST announced the establishment of the Artificial Intelligence Alliance through an article published in the Federal Register.

The announcement also formally calls for applications from individuals and organizations with the necessary qualifications.

According to the NIST document, this measure represents the first phase of NIST’s collaboration with nonprofits, universities, government agencies, and technology companies to address challenges related to the development and deployment of artificial intelligence.

The primary goal of this collaboration is to establish and implement accurate policies and metrics that prioritize human-centered approaches to AI governance and security.

Alliance participants will be assigned a variety of responsibilities, including developing measurement tools, benchmarking systems, policy recommendations, group exercises, sentiment analysis, and environmental assessments, all to enhance AI safety.

A recent executive order from U.S. President Joseph Biden has given a boost to these efforts.

The executive order sets out six new standards for artificial intelligence safety, although these standards do not appear to have been formally enacted into law.

While European and Asian countries have taken proactive steps to implement AI development policies that focus on the privacy and security of users and citizens as well as potential consequences, the United States has lagged behind on this issue.

President Biden’s executive order represents a positive step forward in the United States toward developing concrete policies governing artificial intelligence, and the formation of the Alliance for Security Institutes underscores this commitment to WHO security.

However, there is still a lack of clarity on the timeline for implementing comprehensive AI development and deployment legislation in the United States, beyond existing regulations that apply to business and technology.

Many experts believe that these current laws are insufficient when applied to the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence.

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