NEAR and Polygon collaborate on zero-knowledge proof innovation


The NEAR Foundation has partnered with Polygon Labs to develop zkWASM, a cutting-edge zero-knowledge solution that enhances the interoperability and security of WASM chains.

The NEAR Foundation is known for its contributions to the NEAR protocol ecosystem, and it and Polygon Labs have Announce The pioneering company that created zkWASM – a zero-knowledge proof technology tailored for WASM-based blockchains. The results of this collaboration were unveiled at NEARCON in Lisbon, the annual flagship event for the NEAR community.

This strategic partnership is expected to combine NEAR’s proficiency in the WASM runtime with Polygon’s mastery of zero-knowledge scaling technology. The plan is to connect the NEAR protocol with Ethereum, giving the WASM chain access to Ethereum’s extensive liquidity. It also lays the foundation for interoperability layers currently underway to enable shared liquidity pools across various blockchain environments, including alternative Layer 1 and EVM Layer 2.

Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal highlighted the customization capabilities the zkWASM prover will provide developers, enhancing flexibility and choice when building or transitioning EVM or WASM chains.

Improve scalability and security

The zkWASM prover will significantly reduce the complexity of the NEAR validator verification process. By generating a single zero-knowledge proof, validators can bypass the intensive task of shard verification, thereby enhancing scalability and promoting a more decentralized NEAR protocol.

NEAR Protocol co-founder Illia Polosukhin expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration and emphasized that zero-knowledge proofs will bring wide-ranging benefits to web3. He anticipates that the joint effort with Polygon Labs will not only enhance NEAR’s capabilities but also make a significant contribution to the expansion of the field of zero-knowledge proofs.

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