Microsoft and Oracle partner to enhance artificial intelligence services


Microsoft and Oracle partner to enhance artificial intelligence services
Microsoft and Oracle partner to enhance artificial intelligence services

In order to enhance the AI ​​services of Bing chatbot, Microsoft and OracleUse Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to bring a better search experience to Bing.

According to Oracle’s official announcement, Microsoft has signed a one-year contract with Oracle to promote artificial intelligence services and enhance conversational search on Microsoft Chatbot and Bing.

The integration of Oracle OCI and Microsoft AI infrastructure will enhance AI capabilities

Karan Batta, senior vice president of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, expressed optimism about the partnership between Oracle and Microsoft.

He said that generative artificial intelligence is a technological leap, and Oracle is helping Microsoft and many other companies build and operate new products.

This collaboration will also bring the technology closer to users searching for artificial intelligence (AI) around the world.

On the other hand, Microsoft is confident in this cooperation, which will enhance the search experience of Microsoft users.

Divya Kumar, director of global marketing for search and artificial intelligence at Microsoft, highlighted the partnership with Oracle and the use of Oracle cloud infrastructure with our Microsoft Azure artificial intelligence infrastructure to not only enhance the search experience but also speed up search results.

Microsoft space upgrades, AI competition breaks out

With the launch of Bing Chat, Microsoft was one of the first companies to integrate a general-purpose artificial intelligence chatbot into its search engine.

However, the market is now flooded with several other chatbots, such as ChatGPT, including Elon Musk’s recently launched xAI.

Microsoft’s partnership is said to play a key role in raising the game and enhancing AI products in the highly competitive field of artificial intelligence.

It’s worth noting that given its continued growth, Microsoft needs more computing resources to maintain its position in artificial intelligence services, and Oracle happens to have tens of thousands of Nvidia A100 and H100 GPUs available for rent.

The latest collaboration between the two cloud providers leverages Oracle Interconnect for Microsoft Azure, allowing services executed on Azure to interact with resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

Interestingly, this is the second collaboration between the two technology giants Microsoft and Oracle. Previously, the company announced that it would deploy its database system in Microsoft Azure data center.

Now, the two competitors are once again supporting each other in improving themselves for users in a tech-savvy AI-driven world.

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