Major steel stocks have risen sharply for 4 consecutive trading days, and HSG is close to a 2-year high according to

Major steel stocks rose sharply for 4 consecutive trading days at the same time, and HSG approached a 2-year high.

Strong liquidity growth and the return of significant cash flow have helped Watson Group’s (HM: HSG) stock price rise significantly compared to other tickers in the same industry. At the end of the trading day on November 6, Hua Sen Group HSG’s stock price rose 2.8%, returning to the 20,000 VND/share mark. It is worth mentioning that this is the fourth consecutive trading day that Kington has increased its price (+18%).

At the same time, the steel group also recovered strongly from a 2-year high after more than a month of adjustment, with HPG (HM:) stock price rising 12%, NKG (HM:) rising 11.4%, and TLH rising 12%.%, …

As for Watson stock, judging from the technical chart, after 4 trading days of strong rise, the market price has simultaneously exceeded EMA 50-200, confirming the positive signal in the short and medium term; after being absent for 1 month, it has returned to the big trend in the last 3 trading days. Amount of cash flow trading; RSI also broke through the neutral mark, approaching 60 points.

HSG stock liquidity has also increased significantly, exceeding the 20-trading-day average, with 13.7 million shares matched in the November 6 trading day.

At current prices, HSG shares are only 13.6% away from their 18-month high of VND23,150 on September 21. Investors give priority to holding positions, taking profits when the price rises, and considering reducing the ratio when the closing price is lower than 19.5 times.

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