Magic Eden enhances Polygon integration with latest feature rollout


Magic Eden has launched new features to enhance support for the Polygon network, including aggregation tools and royalty enforcement for the marketplace.

Magic Eden is a well-known NFT marketplace that is making progress by introducing a series of Innovative features Designed to enhance user experience. Among the new features is a sophisticated aggregation tool designed to consolidate NFT listings from different markets and simplify the process of browsing and purchasing digital assets.

Magic Eden also enforces royalties on its Polygon-based marketplace. This development ensures that creators continue to receive their fair share from secondary sales, a principle that is sometimes controversial in the digital asset world.

Additionally, Magic Eden is opening its technology infrastructure to the wider community by exposing its Polygon API. This move will enable other projects to seamlessly integrate marketplace functionality, fostering a more connected ecosystem.

Magic Eden co-founder and CEO Jack Lu expressed enthusiasm for the platform’s ongoing collaboration with Polygon. Lu expects that the launch of these new tools will attract a more diverse group of collectors, artists, and game developers to the platform, further driving the growth of the Polygon network.

Magic Eden began as a dedicated marketplace for digital assets based on Solana (SOL) and expanded its offerings in late 2022 to include Polygon, a layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution.

The platform has rapidly expanded its support by facilitating the minting and trading of Polygon NFTs, specifically catering to the emerging field of web3 gaming assets. This strategic expansion not only diversifies Magic Eden’s products, but also strengthens its position in the competitive landscape of the NFT market.

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