How To Make Candy At Home

Tips On How To Make Candy At Home

There are many things that make up making candy from home. For starters, you will need a mixing bowl set, molds, sugar, baking powder and gum. How to make candy at home does not need any fancy equipment; the only items you need are those that you already have in your home. These include a food processor or a blender, a mold, sugar and baking powder, food coloring or liquid color, and an old fashioned mixer. You can buy commercial candy mixers from various department stores, but if you really want to save time, then you can make your own with the aid of some old molds.


You will need a small bowl for mixing, a spoon for stirring, and a ladle for pouring the mixture into the moulds. How to make candy at home does not require you to have a lot of experience, but rather you just need some patience. Even kids who do not usually like to eat sweets can get involved in the act of mixing candies. After some practice, it becomes almost a breeze.


For starters, you need to choose your favourite flavor or flavour. It is best if you base this choice on the character you intend to portray through your creation. Then, make a total of twenty pieces. You can use different coloured candies for different characters, such as those that feature cats or dogs. Choose the size that will be the biggest portion.


Next, you need to measure out your ingredients. These include sugar, baking powder, water, food coloring or liquid colour, and chocolate or other sweeteners. It is best if you use sugar, as it provides a smoother consistency during the mixing and baking process. When measuring your mixture, you need to keep in mind that one teaspoon of sugar will yield twenty pieces. Likewise, the baking powder and water mixture can yield forty pieces.


Next, you have to prepare all these ingredients and tools. The tools you need including an electric mixer (if you are going to make a few cookies), a bowl set (to mix the ingredients), a spatula, and a large spoon. In case you don't have an electric mixer, you can always use your kitchen blender. Mix the sugar, baking powder, and food coloring until smooth and creamy.

Once you are done mixing all these ingredients, you have to pour them into a mixing bowl. Stir them until they become smooth. You should continue to stir them until all the ingredients are completely blended. Once blended, you can now pour your mixture into your cookie or candy moulds.


Now, if you are looking for the best tips on how to make candy at home, you should consider that this is the best and easy way for you to spend your spare time. You can simply purchase candy making kits from the market. However, there are many homemade kits available in the internet. If you are interested in making candies that taste really good, then you have to look for a good quality recipe book. There are even many homemade candy recipes available online.


After learning the basic steps on how to make candy at home, you should also know that you should not leave your homemade candy prepared overnight. It will keep good for up to three weeks once it has been prepared properly. However, if you want to enjoy it for more than three weeks, you have to remove it from its container and store it in air-tight containers. Also, you should store your homemade candy in the refrigerator so that it won't spoil. Now you can easily find out more tips on how to make candy at home.

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