Hong Kong considers spot ETFs for individual investors


Hong Kong considers spot ETFs for individual investors
Hong Kong considers spot ETFs for individual investors

Hong Kong’s securities regulator, Securities and Futures Commission (Securities Regulatory Commission), designed to allow retail investors to purchase cryptocurrency spot ETFs.

Bloomberg quoted China Securities Regulatory Commission Chief Executive Liang Fengyi as saying:

“We welcome suggestions for using innovative technologies to improve efficiency and customer experience. As long as new risks are addressed, we are happy to try them. Our approach is consistent regardless of the asset.”

Hong Kong regulators continue to take an incremental approach to cryptocurrencies, with their views on retail digital asset exposure changing throughout the year.

In January, the Securities and Futures Commission tightened regulations, restricting retail investors from purchasing cryptocurrency spot ETFs to professional investors with a portfolio of at least HK$8 million ($1 million).

The SEC then updated its rulebook in October to allow more investors to participate in cryptocurrency and ETF investments, stipulating that they must pass a knowledge test and meet net worth requirements – albeit lower than the threshold for professional investors.

The Securities and Futures Commission said in a report:

“This policy has been updated in line with the latest market developments and industry requirements, with the hope of further expanding retail access through intermediaries and allowing investors to deposit and withdraw virtual assets directly from intermediaries with appropriate safeguards.”

Issuers of listed cryptocurrency products are required to issue a risk disclosure statement.

Bloomberg quoted Leung Chun-ying as saying:

“As the cryptocurrency ecosystem evolves to a level we are comfortable with, we are excited to open up additional opportunities to the broader investing public.”

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