Ethereum whale withdraws $15.9 million from Binance


Ethereum whale withdraws $15.9 million from Binance
Ethereum whale withdraws $15.9 million from Binance

Ethereum has attracted the interest of many investors after its price approached $1,900. In particular, the activity of “whales” in the market has also increased significantly.Today, blockchain analytics platforms Guan Lian According to the sharing, the ETH “whale” with the wallet address “0xb15” withdrew 8,398 ETH from BTC, which is approximately US$15.9 million. Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange.

Early last Tuesday morning, a whale in the cryptocurrency market continued to attract attention as he purchased ETH. According to Lookonchain data, the whale made a total profit of $5.5 million on the previous trade, while the unrealized profit on the ongoing trade is $1.04 million.

The data analysis platform estimates that the whale has made a total of more than $14.5 million from seven completed transactions, with a current win rate of 85.7%. Lookonchain noticed that whales always buy ETH when the price is low and sell when the price is high. With this latest transaction, the whale withdrew 27,714 ETH from Binance, totaling over $47 million, with an average price of $1,857 over the past two days.

Meanwhile, the price of ETH has rebounded due to strong gains in Bitcoin. Data from CoinMarketCap shows that ETH has risen slightly over the past 24 hours, with an increase of 0.55%. On the weekly price chart, ETH recorded a stunning gain of 5.37%.

Currently, the exchange rate per unit of ETH is $1,890. However, despite the price increase, trading volume has decreased. Even so, ETH still maintains second place with a market capitalization of $277 billion.

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