Do Gia Capital – Urban investors in Cam Pha City District 10B increase capital to 1.2 trillion, according to Vietstock

Do Gia Capital – Urban investor in Cam Pha City District 10B increases capital to 1.2 trillion

Vietstock – Do Gia Capital – Urban investor in Cam Pha City District 10B increases capital to 1.2 trillion

Recently, Duojia Capital Co., Ltd., the investor in the urban project in District 10B of Cam Phuc City, faced a scandal in the media regarding the land formation project around the Rock Hill in Halong Bay. Make a “rockery”.

Subsequently, the Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee issued formal notification No. 3105/UBND-GTCN&XD to the Department of Planning and Investment and Cam Phuc City People’s Committee to inspect the urban project in District 10B of Quang Ninh Province. City. Cam Pha.

According to Tien Phong’s previous report, the District 10B urban project was handed over to Do Gia Capital through land use rights auction, and the winning bid was VND 1,192 billion, higher than the starting price of VND 46 billion. This company won the bid just over a month after its establishment, and surpassed 8 other companies in the auction at the end of 2021.

The urban area of ​​District 10B, Cam Pha City. Photo: Tien Phong

According to the author’s research, on September 26, the company had just made a huge increase in capital, from VND600 billion to VND1.2 trillion, and the registered capital was only close to the winning bid price of the project auction. The move comes after the company received permission to build the project on July 24, 2023.

The shareholder structure after the capital increase shows that there are more individuals. Specifically, the initial registered capital of Do Gia Capital when it was newly established on November 18, 2021 was VND200 billion, of which only two individuals contributed 55%, and Mr. Le Minh Chien contributed 45%. %. In November 2022, when the company increased its capital to VND600 billion, Mr. Thanh reduced his shareholding ratio to 0.01%, while Mr. Chien increased his shareholding ratio to 99.99%.

On September 26, the company’s capital doubled to 1.2 trillion VND, with many shareholders participating, including Mr. Thanh 0.05%, Ms. Hoang Thi Tam 15%, Mr. Hoang Trung Nam 9.995%, Mr. Vi Tien Minh 20%, Mr. Qian 55%. It is worth noting that these people all have permanent residences adjacent to each other in Kampu City.

New shareholder structure updated on September 26, 2023

Mr. Thanh (born in 1984) has served as the director and legal representative of the company since its establishment.

What provisions does the environmental impact assessment report of this project have on site leveling?

In the summary document of the project environmental impact assessment report published by Duojia Capital in May 2022 and solicited for opinions within 15 days, the District 10B urban project will be implemented from the second quarter of February 2022 to the second quarter of February 2026.

The specific contiguous boundaries of the project are as follows: the sea to the east; the limestone mountains and river lagoons to the west; Lo Phong Creek and Bai Tu Long Bay to the south; and the limestone mountains to the north. The planned land area is 318,211 square meters (30.18 hectares). The population is approximately 2,524 people (equivalent to 631 apartments).

According to the report, the project aims to “Contribute to the beautification of the city; synchronize the area’s technical infrastructure systems; connect transportation between functional areas of the city through the Halong-Cam Phuc coastal route. It partially meets the housing and urban service needs of the people of Jinpu City.

Form a new modern coastal city tourism service area to enhance the appearance of the city; ensure the synchronization of technology and social infrastructure; maximize the use of natural conditions, create rich urban planning space, and contribute to the urban beautification of the western region of Jinpu City“.

Regarding measures to limit the impacts of changes in topography, landforms and regional landscapes, the report states: “Grading and construction will alter the area’s inherent ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary to take tree planting measures to restore the ecological landscape, which will help improve the landscape and climate of the area.

Renovate and upgrade areas affected by the project construction process. – The construction of the project will collect raw materials and machinery and generate some types of waste that may cause aesthetic loss and environmental pollution. Therefore, during the implementation process, it is necessary to pay attention to the location of waste soil and garbage dumps to avoid losing the beauty of the area and minimize the impact on environmental pollution.“.

The construction permit issued by the Ministry of Construction on July 24 stated that the project has nine engineering and construction drawing design documents and is a joint venture between Dai Viet Construction Joint Stock Company, Daxing Quang Ninh Joint Stock Company and Dai Viet Construction Joint Stock Company. Quang Ninh Fire Commercial Supply.

* Quang Ninh Province instructed to conduct emergency inspections in the urban area of ​​District 10B of Cam Phuc City


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