Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken launches services in Belgium


U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken is using its EU subsidiary to launch its products in Belgium.

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has opened its doors to Belgium as part of its commitment to strengthen its European presence.

in a blog post On November 7, the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange said the move came after the company registered its services under the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) regime in Ireland, Spain and Italy.

Brian Gahan, managing director of Kraken Europe, said the exchange hopes to make more Belgians “understand the transformative impact of crypto-asset technology.”

“We believe we can deliver a compliant trading experience through our industry-leading customer service, strong security protocols, and market leadership in liquidity and trading volume for Euro cryptocurrency pairs.”

Brian Gahan, Managing Director, Kraken Europe

Kraken’s European expansion

Kraken’s milestone in Belgium comes a month after the exchange announced plans to acquire Dutch cryptocurrency broker Coin Meester BV (BCM).

The main goal is to expand Kraken’s presence in Europe, as BCM is one of the oldest licensed cryptocurrency brokers in the Netherlands. With this acquisition, Kraken expects to be able to enter the Dutch cryptocurrency market, a key step in its expansion in Europe.

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