Cardano founder predicts the future of Elon Musk’s Grok AI


Cardano founder predicts the future of Elon Musk’s Grok AI
Cardano founder predicts the future of Elon Musk’s Grok AI

charles hoskinsonThe founder of Cardano recently made bold predictions about the future of Elon Musk’s Grok AI, predicting a wave of criticism and controversy surrounding the model.

Hoskinson’s predictions for Grok AI

Hoskinson’s prediction began with the first wave of criticism surrounding Grok’s utility and value.

He noted that critics may argue that the newly released protocol is the worst kind of LLM (large language model), providing little or no value compared to existing models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s artificial intelligence model Bard. value.

The second wave of criticism raised by Hoskinson will revolve around the potential threat Grok AI could pose to democracy.

The concern here is that without proper oversight or controls, Grok could be used to manipulate public opinion, spread disinformation or amplify extremist views.

Hoskinson’s prediction of a third wave of criticism hinges on the fact that Grok AI could be blamed for the rise of right-wing misinformation.

This is a serious allegation because it suggests that Grok may have inadvertently facilitated the spread of harmful and misleading information.

In what may be a final wave of criticism, Charles Hoskinson is expected to call for Grok AI to be banned.

This is a significant escalation of concern because it suggests that the controversy surrounding Grok could result in a legal response.

It’s worth noting that calls to ban AI technology are not new, as they often arise when concerns about abuse, privacy, or security reach serious levels.

Elon Musk’s xAI reveals Grok’s vision

Elon Musk and his artificial intelligence startup xAI recently launched Grok AI. The company said its main motivation for creating the AI ​​chatbot was to equip humans with AI tools that can support research and innovation.

Grok AI is not only a serious informant, but he also has a sense of humor and is a bit rebellious. It answers questions in a humorous and interesting way.

This adds a unique and engaging dimension to the user experience, making Grok easier to understand and more enjoyable to interact with.

Musk pointed out that X platform users can subscribe to Grok through X Premium Plus, which costs $16 per month. However, it’s worth noting that Grok is currently only available to select users in the United States.

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