Bitcoin’s slight correction is about to break out, and news about NFT, FTX, Chainlink, Hashflow, and time and space continue


From the perspective that Bitcoin prices may be about to explode, Hashflow is poised to unlock 160.38 million coins. Here are some breaking news from the cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin (BTC) is now poised for multiple bullish breakouts following a mild correction, a closely watched currency strategist believes.

Anonymous trader Credible Crypto told his 349,900 followers on the media platform

The analyst said his bullish stance remains valid as long as BTC trades above $34,079.

“If you’re still looking for $30,000, $31,000, $32,000 or even $33,000, people may be left behind.”

Source: Trusted Cryptocurrency

Credible Crypto said that Bitcoin is currently trading around $35,000, and without a too deep correction, this leading asset could see a strong bullish trend.

“The impulse now points to over $40,000 (and ATH).”

For now, the strategist said, a pullback to around $34,200 is still possible for Bitcoin following Sunday’s small liquidation event.

Source: Trusted Cryptocurrency

Vanguard will not participate in Bitcoin ETF

Vanguard CEO Tim Buckley negative His company will follow in the footsteps of Wall Street rivals and file a Bitcoin ETF application with the SEC.

While rivals such as BlackRock and Fidelity have simultaneously announced proposals for a Bitcoin spot ETF, Vanguard will not make a similar move. This was a statement made by the group’s CEO, Tim Buckley, in an interview with CNBC on October 27.

“We will not pursue a Bitcoin ETF any more than the company offers gold-related products. The reason is not because people can’t invest. We will look at asset classes and assess whether they are suitable for inclusion in a long-term portfolio, have intrinsic value and provide stability future cash flows. Those will be the types of assets we will introduce to clients. So we are not looking at gold, Bitcoin or similar assets.”

Vanguard Group also does not rate other cryptocurrencies for investment purposes.

NFT News

After months of declining trading volumes, the NFT market recovered in October.

DappRadar data shows that NFT transaction volume increased by US$99 million month-on-month in October, recording the first monthly growth in 2023. Specifically, transaction volume in September was $306 million, compared with $405 million on May 10, an increase of 32%.

NFT sales and transaction volume by month | Source: DappRadar

The report highlights that Solana is currently a well-known NFT network, with SOL NFT transaction volume increasing from $24 million to $27.6 million, an increase of 15%.

FTX News

FTX exchange has gone bankrupt and its creditors have Require DELAWARE – The U.S. Bankruptcy Court approved the sale through an investment adviser of certain trust assets and funds of Grayscale and Bitwise, valued at approximately $744 million.

“It authorizes the debtor’s proposed sale or transfer of trust assets, including real estate, and the debtor may proceed with the sale of the trust assets when appropriate,” the filing said.

FTX, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, went bankrupt last November after a CoinDesk report revealed that the company had misappropriated customer funds.

Last week, FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried was found guilty by a jury of defrauding customers and lenders. According to experts, the expected sentencing date is March 28, 2024. In theory, Sam could face up to 115 years in prison, but in practice, that number could be between 15 and 20 years.

Lianlian News

according to Report According to data from analytics provider Lookonchain, one whale has accumulated a large amount of Chainlink (LINK), buying 312,901 LINK in the past 8 hours, worth approximately $3.81 million.

The average purchase price for these tokens is $12.17, which is close to the current price on major exchanges.

The activity comes as LINK price has fluctuated between $11.76 and $12.50 over the past 24 hours. Chainlink’s current market capitalization is approximately US$6.89 billion, with a 24-hour trading volume of US$729.95 million.

Time and space news

Space and Time, a data storage company, notify They will integrate new zero-knowledge proofs (ZK) and SQL operations with BigQuery, Google Cloud’s repository.

Space and Time’s new ZK protocol, called “SQL Proof,” will enable developers leveraging BigQuery to cryptographically confirm that query results have been calculated correctly and data has not been tampered with.

SQL attestations, as ZK attestations linked to SQL databases, are designed to provide cryptographic verification to clients, ensuring that neither query execution nor the underlying functions have been altered.

Computing power news

160.38 million hashrate (HFT), equivalent to $41 million unlock November 7th. This represents approximately 74.2% of the circulating supply. Early investors will also unlock 62.5 million HFT, worth $16.02 million.

The HFT token is part of the Hashflow project, which raised $30.95 million through three rounds of token sales, at $0.02, $0.1, and $0.4.

Token distribution will occur as follows:

  • Main group: 193.2 million high-frequency transactions (19.32%)
  • Early investors: 250 million HFT (25%)
  • Future recruiting: $25 million in high-frequency trading (2.5%)
  • Ecosystem development: 531.8 million HFT (53.18%)

The total supply of HFT is 1 billion, and the circulating supply is 217.48 million.

The 20 largest HFT wallets hold a total of 957.83 million HFT ($245 million), but most are locked, accounting for 95.77% of the total supply.

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