Bitcoin Ordinal Revives After Binance Listing


Ordinals, a collection of BRC-20 tokens minted on the blockchain BitcoinAfter being listed on cryptocurrency exchange Binance, it rose 40.8% to $10.19 in the past 24 hours.

ORDI is a relatively new token that carries higher than normal risk levels and therefore may be subject to higher price volatility.

The Bitcoin Serial Number is a numbering system that assigns each Satoshi, or 1/100 million Bitcoin, a unique number for tracking and transfer purposes. Combined with the inscription process that adds an additional layer of data to each satoshi, users can mint unique digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain. The token ORDI currently listed on Binance is not affiliated with the Bitcoin Ordinals developer.

Invented by Web3 developer Rodarmor in January, the BRC-20 token has gained popularity as one of the biggest technological advancements in blockchain in 15 years. Self-hosted wallet providers such as BitKeep (now Bitget Wallet) have allowed deposits and withdrawals of BRC-20 tokens since June.The current total market capitalization of BRC-20 tokens is at level $1.34 billion.

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