Bitcoin Minetrix presale exceeds $3.3M – Bitcoin could hit $40K this month


Bitcoin Minetrix presale exceeds $3.3M - Bitcoin could hit $40K this month
Bitcoin Minetrix presale exceeds $3.3 million – Bitcoin could hit $40,000 this month

Bitcoin is experiencing bullish momentum after experiencing a brief downturn earlier this week. At the current price of $35,100, Bitcoin is likely to break the $40,000 threshold for the first time since April 2022.

However, despite Bitcoin’s recent downward correction, Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX)A new mining protocol continues to generate interest, generating over $3.3 million during the presale period.

Although still at significant levels, there are many different views on what’s next for Bitcoin

After hitting a peak of $36,000 on Thursday, Bitcoin experienced a sell-off and retested support at $34,000. However, strong buying led to the price starting to rise again towards the $36,000 resistance.

Currently at $35,100, Bitcoin is in a short-term uptrend, having made different highs and lows since retesting support on Friday. This suggests that the price is likely to head towards the $36,000 level.

Figure 6

However, technical indicators suggest an imminent sell-off is possible. The current Bitcoin 4 price chart shows bearish divergence on the RSI and decreasing trading volume.

These signals suggest buying momentum is waning and resistance may be encountered at $36,000, leading to a possible reversal.

Picture 2

Bitcoin’s failure to retest the previous price range after reaching a trading range breakout may hint at this possibility. Typically, after breaking out of a key level, Bitcoin will often retest that level and then continue to rise.

In this case, we may see Bitcoin move towards the previous resistance at $28,500 before continuing higher.

Recently, well-known trader Rekt Capital noted the possibility of an imminent market pullback. Given that Bitcoin’s current price action is repeating the pattern of 2019, the possibility of a retracement before Bitcoin’s halving in 2024 was mentioned.

However, some other analysts are more optimistic about Bitcoin’s near-term value prospects and predict that the next price increase may occur without a retracement.

Not long ago, CrediBULL Crypto shared a chart showing that Bitcoin broke through the $35,000 level and may test the $34,000 threshold again before reaching new highs.

image 3

The analyst said that “prices have bottomed out” and if they continue to wait for prices to fall, many people will miss the opportunity.

Meanwhile, Fiery Trading, a respected expert analyst at TradingView, is optimistic about Bitcoin’s short-term value prospects and predicts that the price could rise to $40,000 after forming a flag pattern on the 4-hour price chart.

However, the analyst updated his analysis following the recent pullback and noted that if the price breaks below the resistance of the bull flag pattern, a decline is certain.

Figure 4

Therefore, Bitcoin faces an uncertain situation, whether it is a sharp price increase or a short-term price decrease. With this in mind, those looking for projects with more promising short-term prospects may consider new coin pre-sales – Bitcoin Minetrix.

Minetrix Bitcoin Stake-to-Mine launches to make Bitcoin mining easy, raising $3.3 million in pre-sale

This is a unique opportunity for market participants to own a revolutionary cryptocurrency from its early stages. Bitcoin Minetrix is a new project that allows users to mine Bitcoin by staking BTCMTX tokens on the Ethereum protocol.

Figure 5

This way, Bitcoin mining can be performed by everyone without the need for expertise, special hardware or upfront investment. Users can participate in Bitcoin Minetrix as long as they have MetaMask and $BTCMTX. This gives the project the potential for widespread adoption, especially with Bitcoin’s upcoming halving and its value expected to rise significantly.

The platform works by allowing users to earn Bitcoin mining points by staking BTCMTX tokens. They can then burn these points on the platform to gain access to cloud mining and earn free Bitcoins.

This model is democratic and simplifies Bitcoin mining. However, it also uses points for staking and rewards instead of using native tokens, creating significant buying pressure.

Although the platform is not officially live yet, investors can pre-purchase $BTCMTX tokens at a discounted price of $0.0114 during the pre-sale period. The project is currently in its fifth of ten phases, with the next phase set to begin within a day.

The coin price increases by 10% after each round, so you should buy quickly for high profit opportunities.

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix During Presale

notes: This is a promotional article from some of the partners in the Bitcoin News press release and is not investment advice. You need to study carefully before acting, and we are not responsible for your investment decisions.


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