Arbitrum will launch 500,000 ARB donation program this winter

The Arbitrum blockchain project launches three donation programs together with Gitcoin Winter.

According to the project team, as part of Arbitrum Citizen’s first round of funding, the community will help us distribute 100,000 ARB to Arbinauts who actively strengthen and influence the governance and processes of the Arbitrum DAO. To apply for funding, users must visit the appropriate website.

The first round will launch on November 15th. The Arbitrum community will donate and decide how the funds are distributed.

Another program called the Arbitrum Matching Fest will provide $300,000 in ARB matching funds to individuals/organizations who choose to conduct rounds on Arbitrum One via the Gitcoin protocol.

As part of the third program, participants in the crypto community will be rewarded with 100,000 ARB. This award is given to builders who create the data structures and tools of the future to drive funding programs in the Arbitrum ecosystem and web3 forward.

One day ago, the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) Arbitrum approved a proposal to activate the ARB coin staking function. Users can earn 12 months of income, with annual profitability ranging from 7.84% to 78.43%, depending on the amount of ARB locked. The proposal also states that funds will be allocated from the Arbitrum Treasury.

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