4 bank symbols send buy signal, many stocks rise 20


4 bank symbols show buy signal, many stocks rise 20-30% after 1 week

After fluctuating within a narrow range in early trading, the stock market suddenly rebounded strongly on the afternoon of November 8. Many banks, real estate, and securities stocks are the focus of bargain hunting for cash flow. Going against the flow of Asian stock markets, Vietnam’s stock market suddenly rose sharply on November 8; it increased by 33 points to 1,113 points; the HNX index rose by 4% to 227 points. In the market, more than 870 codes have increased in price (84 codes have reached their peak price), while only 169 codes have fallen in price.

The liquidity of the three major exchanges all reached 21.6 trillion, an increase of approximately 40% from the previous trading day. The securities and real estate groups were in high demand, causing dozens of codes to hit their caps.

Stocks that contribute the most to the Vietnam Index

The liquidity of many popular codes such as NVL (HM:), NKG (HM:), TPB (HM:), DBC (HM:), NLG (HM:)) suddenly increased by 1.7-1.8 times compared with the average level for a total of 10 meeting. Strong cash flow pulled NVL, NKG, and DBC to their upper limits, with NLG rising by 6.1% and TPB rising by 4.2%.

Active buyers dominated the SSI (HM:), NVL – DIG (HM:) and GEX (HM:) – VIX (HM:) portfolios.

According to TCBS Securities statistics, many stocks have recorded 5-6 consecutive gains, such as VLB (HN:), GMD (HM:), PVD (HM:), BMP (HM:), TLH, DSC, ELC, PC1 ( HM:), CTD (HM:), CTS. Even the codes BMP, CTD, TLH, PC1, CTS recorded a growth of 20 – 28%.

Some bank stocks such as MBB (HM:), ACB (HM:), SHB The Construction sector duo like (HM:), TPB, retail tickers FRT (HM:) or CTR (HM:) and DPG appear to be emerging with buy signals, with technical highlights including: Liquidity increased 1.3 – 1, with an average of 10 7 times the period when active buyers account for 70-75% of the total transaction volume; the symbols MBB, SHB, and ACB record major transactions with large cash flows. see more:

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