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November 7, 2023: 10 Hot Stocks from Vietstock Technical Analysis Perspective

Vietstock – November 7, 2023: 10 Hot Stocks from a Vietstock Technical Analysis Perspective

Popular stocks analyzed in the Vietstock Advisory report include: CTD, CTI (HM:), DPM (HM:), FCN, GMD, MSN, TCB, TPB (HM:), VCG (HM:) and VHC.

These stocks are selected based on technical analysis signals, liquidity, investor interest… The analysis below can be used as a short-term and long-term reference.

CTD – Coteccons Construction Joint Stock Company (HM:)

stock price CTD It rose sharply for 3 consecutive trading days and retested the old high in July 2023 (equivalent to the 58,000-61,000 range) during the trading session on November 6, 2023.

The MACD indicator is rising, giving a short-term buy signal again, so the situation is changing in a positive direction.

If the price breaks through the old high in July 2023 in the near future, the upward momentum will be further strengthened.

Institute of Computer Technology – IDICO Cuong Thuan Development Investment Joint Stock Company

A descending triangle pattern is forming on the stock chart Institute of Computer Technology.

The old bottom in August 2023 (equivalent to the 14,300-15,300 area) provided very good support to the price during the recent correction.

Trading volume is unstable and a strong breakthrough is unlikely.

Digital PM – Vietnam Petroleum Fertilizer Chemical Company – JSC

stock price Digital PM Completely breaking through the old bottom in August 2023 (equivalent to the 34,500-35,500 area). This area will act as resistance in the future.

The White Marble, Rising Window, and Hammer patterns appear, indicating that conditions are once again positive in the short term.

The 27,000-29,000 point area (equivalent to the old bottom in November 2022) is a very good support in the near future.


stock price FCN A sharp move higher and a break above the short-term trendline (equivalent to the 12,500-12,800 area).

The risk of forming a head and shoulders pattern (price target falling to the 7,000-8,000 range) is limited.

The MACD indicator continues to rise, and a buy signal appears again in the short term.

GMD – Gemadept AG (HM:)

A long green candle has appeared for 4 consecutive trading days, indicating that investor sentiment has returned to positive in the short term.

stock price GMD It will be supported by the old bottom in September 2023 and the old top in July 2023 (equivalent to 58,000-62,000).

The MACD indicator is also showing strong buying, helping to consolidate the current upward momentum.

Microsoft Network – Mashan Group Co., Ltd. (HM: )

Foreign investors are often net buyers Microsoft Network Recent trading days have been helpful in stabilizing investor psychology.

The MACD indicator has reversed and is showing a buy signal again, so the near-term situation will be more positive.

The 57,000-60,000 area (equivalent to the 161.8% Fibonacci retracement level) has acted as a strong support in the short term.

TCB – Vietnam Technology and Commercial Joint Stock Bank (HM:)

stock price TCB The 31,000-32,500 area (equivalent to the old bottom in July 2023) has been completely broken, so this area will act as resistance in the near term.

Volume is once again stable and often above the 20-day moving average, indicating that investor pessimism has diminished.

The ADX indicator rose sharply and crossed 25 points, showing a very strong trend.

TPB – Tianfeng Commercial Joint Stock Bank

price TPB Falling below the bottom line SMA 50 date and SMA 100 So this group will become resistant in the near future.

The top pattern that appeared during the trading session on November 6, 2023 shows that investor psychology is quite uncertain in the short term.

The stochastic oscillator forms a bullish divergence and therefore the risk is reduced.

electrocardiogram – Vietnam Construction Import and Export Joint Stock Company

stock price electrocardiogram A Dragonfly Doji pattern formed and continued to rise during the November 6, 2023 trading session.

The MACD indicator once again shows a buy signal, so things will change positively in the short term.

Trading volume remains near the 20-day moving average, so I do not expect a sudden sharp drop.

VirusHC – Everlasting Co., Ltd. (HM:)

stock price VirusHC The old August 2023 bottom is being retested (equivalent to the 68,000-71,000 range).

On the other hand, volume is tapering off and below the 20-day EMA, so a spike is unlikely.

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